Saturday, March 17, 2007


just two pvt forum events today, one on UB, the other on AP. final tabled both and ended both in a similar note when, short, my pockets run into the the chip leader's higher pockets. online poker likes to repeat its jokes on me sometimes like that...

Thursday, March 08, 2007


tried the race for bracelets sats on FTP last nite. round 1 ($26) went well as miraculously my hands were allowed to hold on a couple of occasions late (ended 3rd of 10 seats out of 93 entries). of course, at the main $216 qualifer order was restored when at the 50 mark (10 get the 2K WSOP pack out of 100 entries) when i get crippled when my TT was busted by a 3-outer K of KT and then a bit later, at the 40 mark, my QQ run into KK. what else is new?

tonite, per usual, played 2 pvt events on AP. on the former, on the bubble, my 99 run into TT. on the latter, on the final table, one of the resident loose fishies flops a low set vs my top board pr.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

3/6, cont'd

just wanted to mention that i joined a new poker forum/site called pokeronamac. my very first computer having been a mac (that was in the pre-microwave oven era, kiddies), and one of my current 3 comps being one, i have a soft spot for macs.

bottom line, in life in general, i'm always for more choices, more options...hence, support the macs in this microsoft-dominated world of today.

check out pokeronamac at

also they have a neat promo for all you poker-playing macmaniacs:

3/6, cont'd

still trying to recover the almost 6 months worth of blogs etc from those other few blog sites that i had last yr, but no luck so far. server moves, site shutdowns etc seems to have done its magic. and i wasn't the most up-to-date with things sometimes i admit, and there you have it. plus not being able to focus on poker those several months when i was indisposed due to outside-of-poker matters etc etc

still, i'm moving ahead with one of my new year's resolutions: consolidate, consolidate, consolidate. as in: one email acct, one blog site, one (well, ok 2) poker acct(s) use in scattering the stuff all over. keep it all in one place accordingly and it's so much easier to manage it all that way.

this blog experience has been most educational in that respect (and i had trouble with moving this very acct too when they switched over to google, but far this is the best blog site and i'm sticking to it)

p.s.: will try a few token sats on FTP tonite plus whatever pvt events are on AP, per the usual..


yesterday was bday. yay. lol

qualified for stage 2 on the new 150K on AP with my last ARPs.

almost cleaned out and closed my old stars acct. good riddance to that bingo palace.

will look for the next race for bracelets on FTP this week...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


just a quick $6 token sat on FTP today. got the token.

Monday, March 20, 2006


after running such a bad streak over the weekend that i still dont feel like talking about it, i only returned just earlier to FTP for a quickie $6 token sat. got the damn thing...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


entered the 10am 3.5K guaranteed on FTP today. after some good, fun, challenging 2.5hrs, placed 6th out of 168 for a neat handful of coins. :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


just a little $6 token sat on FTP. got the token...