Thursday, March 08, 2007


tried the race for bracelets sats on FTP last nite. round 1 ($26) went well as miraculously my hands were allowed to hold on a couple of occasions late (ended 3rd of 10 seats out of 93 entries). of course, at the main $216 qualifer order was restored when at the 50 mark (10 get the 2K WSOP pack out of 100 entries) when i get crippled when my TT was busted by a 3-outer K of KT and then a bit later, at the 40 mark, my QQ run into KK. what else is new?

tonite, per usual, played 2 pvt events on AP. on the former, on the bubble, my 99 run into TT. on the latter, on the final table, one of the resident loose fishies flops a low set vs my top board pr.


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