Saturday, March 11, 2006

3/11, cont'd

the 6:30pm FTP winner's choice $26 sat. wow, what a ride that was.

first, some 15 mins before 1st break i get disconnected by server. cant get back in for 10 mins. when i finally succeed, im down to some 500 chips and on a table of megastacks. interestingly, there are all of 16 of us left at that point out of 42.

then, i get on a torrid roll of allins, some 4-5 of them in a series, all of which i win. to my defense, only one was a coinflip. 2 i was dominating, and 2 i had overpair to underpair. then, i squeak into the final table. top 4 get seats to $216 WC tonite, 5th-7th a few consolation coins.

on the small bubble, the two ty leaders get entangled into a monster pot over a flop of seemingly harmless rags. to my astonishment, they go allin! one of them busts out, IMHO totally needlessly and foolishly when he was all but assured a seat.

long story short, i manage to survive yet a bit longer. then, on the big bubble, again on a ministack to the other 4 monsters, in SB i push K8 vs the BB's T7. river comes 7, im out 5th, and i get $72 for my troubles.

no regrets.


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