Sunday, March 12, 2006

3/12, cont'd

the big one, 200K guar on FTP. 1031 ppl today, nice crowd, with a few resident pros.

picked off a few spots early and stayed out of trouble in few others. built my stack to around 2400 going into first 45mins.

then, the fateful hand...

i get KK in SB. BB is big stack, to my notes a solid-ish, tough guy who earlier punished a few recklessly loose folks. UTG is a medium stack relatively new to table.

i decide to raise 2x, asking for action. flop comes JT5, i bet pot. big stack reraises 2x, UTG folds.

after some deliberation, i decide to push, my stack now being slightly larger than the pot at hand. he calls, showing JJ. out in 750th.

weirdly reminiscent of my first winner's choice on FTP 1.5 months ago, when i just started playing there, when my SB JJ ran into BB's KK.

i switched sites on new year's after spending my first poker yr fooling around on stars' and UB's turbo/rebuy cesspools, but my tough luck follows me wherever i go. :)


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